The wiser cat – Leopard print dos and don’ts….

August and it is limbo time in terms of fashion…everyone is on holiday, still summer out there but that niggly feeling that our summer wardrobe has started to bore us won’t go away.

It has always been a month I don’t get excited about shopping for new season pieces, as the days of actually wearing a new coat, pair of boots or that snuggly new cashmere sweater are still too far in the future. Yet, in these days of instagram products saturation, the sight of another raffia basket handbag or a pompom anything bore the fashionista in me to death.

So, in my constant search for fashion thrills, I have found the solution to my August blues, one that perfectly fits the cost per wear investment validation: the good old leopard print. A touch of leopard print is so versatile that it is the arguably the top answer to August’s buy now, wear now conundrum.

  • A silk leopard print blouse with a pair of khaki chinos? tick.
  • A leopard print pair of pumps to clash with a gorgeous floral dress? tick.
  • A leopard print skirt with a white t-shirt? tick.

The list goes on, and will you wear all of them again in October? Absolutely!! Swap the chinos for jeans, swap the floral dress for an LBD, swap the white t-shirt for a black cashmere sweater….you get the picture.

One word of warning though…leopard print, although a classic in a woman’s wardrobe nowadays is not an easy classic. It can look as cheap as it can look chic. This is the one buy you do not want to cut corners on. What you spend on these pieces will surefire pigeon hole you as Fran of the Nanny or Caroline Roitfeld – nothing in between.

You have been warned.




PS: As always, all items linked below have not been sponsored or gifted – my blog is for your inspiration only and is not in any way whatsoever paid for marketing.











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