The shape of things to come: A fashion insider’s peek into sartorial choices for next season..

“Oh, fashion….Always running ahead of itself.”

Picture this, it is Paris Fashion Week, March 2017, the calendar end to the long European winter, but in real effect, still very much winter in a rainy, cold Paris. That boring time of the year, sartorially speaking, when none of your clothes feels exciting anymore. You have a wardrobe full of “new season” purchases, but it may be another few months before you can actually wear them, meantime you are stuck wearing your winter knitwear and coats, which have been on repeat for the best part of the last six months..argh.

But in the fashion business, we don’t let this get us down, so as the ‘new season” purchases lurking in our wardrobes wait patiently for their big “coming out” day, we have already forgotten they exist and are currently looking into the new shape of things to come for AW17-18!!

And the answer is, to my taste, not much. Born in Rio and with most of my youth spent in South Africa, summer is the season I am comfortable dressing for, comfortable having fun with. Winter dressing for me is all about chic, timeless separates that work hard for their money. Nothing too out there, too loud, too distinctively shaped and very importantly, nothing cheap looking. Winter is the time to splash your hard earned (or not) cash on the absolute best your money can buy. Simple maths really, on a cost per wear basis, nothing is more cost effective than a fabulous coat or knit that you will feel great wearing day in and out of a long few months to come.

While in Paris, I popped into my favourite trade show of the fashion calendar. Tranoi Paris runs alongside Paris fashion week’s dates and it is where new talent mixes with established names all under one roof to showcase their vision as to what it is that we will want to wear in six months time…

I floated towards some well known, old loves but was pleasantly surprised to discover some brands that although not yet mainstream, can not be too far from.

Enjoy the trip…


First off, I entered Tranoi after a two-season hiatus and the grandeur of the La Bourse building still left me in awe and to better complement it, the tradeshow organisers have also upped their game with fantastic facilities spread on every corner, from little water coolers and espresso machines for attendants to help themselves from, to gorgeous chill out areas serving everything from dim sum to macaroons.

Version 2

01 - 1

01 - 12

Right at the entrance, I came across a very buzzy stand and as always, curiosity took the best of me. I am grateful it did, as I discovered a stunning collection of luxurious Japanese knitwear that I just picture I could simply live in. Unfortunately, I did not get to ask much about the label, as they were attending to an endless stream of eager buyers wanting to stock the label in their stores and boutiques. I have however since discovered they do have a website: Evameva . Well worth checking it out.

01 - 1 (2)

01 - 3 (1) 01 - 19

Fur, as always is the case in Paris, featured hugely at this show, surprisingly, as I am convinced that fur was a lot less prevalent this past winter than it had been the previous ones. It seems I was wrong and the desire for the luxurious warmth of a fur jacket is not yet on its way out. In my view, fur is skin, just like the cow skin on our leather shoes and handbags, but I only wear or highlight furriers with an impeccable track record on the origins of their furs. The high-end designers that never source furs from countries with an inhumane track record on how they treat their animals. The ones featured here are all sourced in Europe from accredited suppliers.

VSP Paris

01 - 25 01 - 26 01 - 27

Ines Marechal

01 - 8 01 - 9

Giorgio Brato

01 - 7

The parkas were also always a strong presence and German brand Lempelius makes the most fun ones, at great price points.


01 - 16 01 - 17

An old favourite of mine for off the beaten track sequinned everything is Aviu. Not usually a fan of sequins but theirs is so incredibly creative they are wearable pieces of art. Thankfully, the previously hard to find label is now stocked in some of the UK mainstream retailers, such as Liberty London and 202 in Notting Hill, London.

01 - 13aviu1 - 1


At Tranoi, I find the accessories are a mixed bag. You will find anything between the crassest of wares to the fabulous Linda Farrow and Faliero Sarti, sunglasses and scarves respectively who need no introduction.

Linda Farrow

aviu1 - 3

Faliero Sarti

01 - 4

01 - 5

01 - 6


On the homeware front, no respectable homeowner should be without a piece by the uber chic Fornasetti, I am currently amassing a huge collection of their wall plates featuring Lina Cavalieri , but their collections have extended and now include this gorgeously fragranced objects…


01 - 23 01 - 24


Now, here is to today!!

Enjoy the summer ahead.



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