The rise and rise of the mini bag…

The rise and rise of the mini bag…

The fashion world’s most loved accessory, the handbag, has gone through an overhaul.
As any keen, fashion follower would know, the mini bag is “The Bag” to own this season.

Although fashion editors and bloggers will parade theirs on rehearsed street style images as if they were just the most practical handbag for a woman to carry her daytime needs in, I beg to differ – I dare call their bluff.

Mini bags are indeed uber cool, and sometimes more affordable than their larger cousins, but the truth is, they are highly impractical for daily wear use.
From the ubiquitous Chloe Drew to the covetable Proenza Schouler versions, one thing is for sure, none can fit as much as a woman needs to carry.

So my take is, I wear them for occasions and the evenings.
And when we’re talking evening wear, nothing ups the amp like an exotic skin mini bag.

Naledi Copenhagen is at the forefront of sustainable luxury when it comes to such skins.
With its off the beaten track designs and scarce availability, it is no wonder, Denmark’s royalty is often photographed wearing one of their gems. Which by the way, she purchases herself, and is not gifted them for advertising – now take THAT for luxury.

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  1. alison garipoli April 19, 2016 Reply

    Hey there just wanted to share that I LOVE YOUR blog. Don’t STOP!! Ali from Australia xx

    • flavia April 20, 2016 Reply

      Hi Ali,
      Thanks very much for your positive feedback.

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