The once a season treat your wardrobe deserves….

At this time of the year, when Christmas is fast approaching, it is only natural to start thinking about those investments that at any other time of the year would seem far too indulgent and quite frankly, frivolous. And because frivolity has never equated to elegance, it is the classic handbags category that comes to mind.

In the handbag department of my perfectly defined and somewhat rigorous style’s dos and don’ts, I have some style finickinesses that I am not ready to compromise on. I am also not under any delusion that my picks work for every lifestyle and budget, but there are some rules that can be adopted and adapted by just about any woman wishing to create a stylish wardrobe that works for HER.

  • Trendy sizes and shapes come and go, so stick to the ones that suit what YOU drag along with you in your everyday life.
  • Unless you can afford more than one investment handbag per season, stick to neutral or slightly off the beaten track colors like burgundy, orange, dark green. Tans, browns, grays, navy blues, reds and the likes are the sure-fire choices, but please never black – nothing shouts boring louder, the only exception being for an evening handbag or a classic Chanel.
  • Choose your materials wisely, for instance, light-colored suede is the kiss of death for practicality. As is a woven leather Bottega Veneta if you wear a lot of knitwear – they are my absolute favorite handbags but I am talking from personal experience here as I have destroyed many cashmere jumpers by wearing them with my under arm Bottega handbag rubbing them all day.
  • Always choose a handbag with proper closure – for obvious reasons. The half-open handbag with contents spilling out look is very early 2000’s. Composure and streetwiseness are very sexy.
  • When it comes to the hardware, less is definitely more, if not for the undeniable allure of understated luxury, at the very least for minimising the weight you will be carrying around all day.
  • Lastly, but not least, never follow the herds. Overly Instagrammed handbag brands such as Chloe and JW Anderson will immediately set you out as a fashion victim with no intrinsic style of your own – avoid at all costs.

My contemplation list goes like this…





P00263607 Saint Laurent

P00269238Vanessa Bruno








1148352_1_largeBottega Veneta





925480_in_xlMansur Garviel

917322_in_ppManu Atelier



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