The new season curtain openers…

And so it is absolutely freezing outside, but in fashion terms we are lusting over the looming freedom from heavy boots, we are starting to dream up our summer holidays and the outfits that will go with it….or are we?

It is a wonderful thing for us consumers that fashion moves so ahead of time these days, as it means we can practically buy our entire new season wardrobe at the sales now that these start at the beginning of the each season and no longer at the end of.

If you are the type who can hold your nerve, until say end of November, you can buy all your new winter clothes at the same time winter is actually starting. And it gets better still when it comes to the summer season – as early as May the discount codes are already flying around…

But, what bona fide fashion lover can actually hold their nerve when the clothes on the rails look their freshest and most exciting when they are in direct contradiction to the weather outside? Well, I can’t.

At this time of the year my shopping list is usually at its most eclectic, picking up some special sweaters from the end of the sales here, a little long sleeve dress there, a lighter coat for March/April and sandals!! Yes, sandals. Basically a mix of wear now, wear soon and strangely, the “suffer when wearing, but wear it now and feel fashionably ahead of the crowds”.

I have put together an sample list of good ideas for right now, which I hope come across more as “good thinking” rather than “what were you thinking?”.

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