My guide to the summer sales…

Unsurprisingly I guess, but I beg to differ from fashion lovers who believe that sales time is the time to indulge in those more out there, less mainstream pieces you have been coveting all season but couldn’t find the heart (or logic) to buy – given its likely high cost per wear ratio. Sadly, such items, only become less covetable by the day once they hit the sale racks, because by now, that rush one feels when seeing an out of the ordinary fashion piece for the first time, has been replaced by “oh no, not another blogger wearing it or another magazine feature on the same item again”! Clue: just about any Chloe summer piece.

I strongly believe  – and stick to this when planning my shopping list, that sales time is the perfect time to pick up those pieces that would already have worked very hard in my wardrobe and now will work double hard.

Forget handbags and jeans, as a general rule, if they are on the sales, they are too trend orientated and therefore not hard working enough.

As I live in Europe, my wishlist usually consists of:

-fine cashmere sweaters in neutrals with touches of bold colours.

-striped tops in traditional navy/white as well as bold colours.

-cropped jackets in a timeless print or neutral colours.

-blazers in neutral colours.

-a cashmere coat in camel, grey or dust pink.

-a few day dresses, with sleeves if your arms are not toned.

-an evening gown, ditto above.

-designer hats (stocking up on guilt free Mason Michel, yes please!).

-suede mid heel pumps in all colours of the rainbow, from neutrals to the must have reds, by Saint Laurent or Gianvito Rossi, which are the most comfortable, no contest.

-silk blouses.

-designer swimwear.

With all shops in the full sales swing right now, I have one piece of advice, save yourself the time and the impulse buys, by shopping online – trying all pieces at home and sending what does not make the cut back. Bonus: not having to deal with the sales assistant’s disappointment.

Here are some pieces I am betting on right now…












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