Fashion fatigue?

As the big jeans debate gains momentum, I can’t help but admit that I sit at a place I don’t often find myself in – on the wall.

While skinny jeans fatigue has most certainly taken over my thoughts lately, I mean, how could it not?

It was 2005 when I first started to dump my well loved bootcut jeans for the scary skinny jeans.
Frightening as it initially was, we grew to love and rely on our skinnies for “come what may”. Running errands and dinner dates alike. No fashion has ever felt as comfortingly stylish as an oversized cashmere paired with skinny jeans and tucked into gorgeous boots. All that balance of volumes with all that nonchalant chicness,  remain fail proof to this day.

But then the fashion Gods decide that enough is enough and we must now wear flares, not just some old flares either, they must be cropped too!!
Fashion Gods, please answer this: who on Earth, apart from lithe models, can look attractive in jeans that not only shorten your legs but widens them too? I know, I know, the higher waist lengthens the legs, but sadly, it enlarges the bum too…and to be honest, there is nothing chic about a large behind, it may be sexy, but it is not chic – trust me, I am a 5’2″ Brazilian and I know my bum is most definitely not chic.


So, on this raging debate, I take a stand: I will sit and watch.
I will patiently wait until some genius jeans designer creates a cropped flare that looks good on real bodies, until then, pass me my skinnies, they feel really comfy sitting at the top of this wall.


But then again, will I dare show up at London Fashion Week in “dead skinnies”?


DSC_0106 copy


More food for thought here .

Where do you sit on this one?




  1. Ana @champagnegirlsabouttown February 15, 2016 Reply

    Good question! I must say that after an initial verdict of “ugly” I decided to embrace cropped flare reasoning that I’m dressing for my girlfriends rather than for my husband. I’m short but boyish so that balanced itself out. But I wouldn’t put to sleep skinnies just yet. After all there was a reason they were a king of denim for over a decade.

    • flavia February 15, 2016 Reply

      Ana, that’s exactly my line of thought…dressing for our girlfriends and for our partners are two very different things!!! I will give the cropped flare a go at London Fashion Week, you’ve just helped me decide..

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