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Brazil is a country synonymous with beauty, beautiful nature & beautiful people, so it has always baffled me that its incredible fashion industry has never really flourished outside of its own cocoon.

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Of course part of the reason is that in terms of leading trends, the hubs of high fashion are all located in the Northern hemisphere – it is where all new fashions are traditionally first seen. The southern hemisphere’s hot fashion hubs of Brazil, Australia and South Africa have largely been disadvantaged by their geographical location and have often lagged behind due to the opposite seasons they live in. Meaning that their fashion for the upcoming seasons is usually a mix of what has already been seen on the leading runways of New York, London, Milan and Paris and a minor touch of local flair.

However, with globalisation happening at neck breaking speed, this set of rules is fast changing – one just has to look at the tremendous success Australian labels like Zimmermann, I love Mr Mittens etc… have encountered in the US and Europe of late.

But when it comes to Brazilian fashion, Europe is still a territory in its infancy. Apart from the Brazilian trio of luxe swimwear designers Vix, Andrea Degreas and Lenny Niemeyer‘s foolproof success, Brazilian streetwear is largely undiscovered.

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And what a tremendous loss that is to us fashion lovers in Europe…because when it comes to designing clothes to make a woman look good, Brazilian labels are right up there with the Dolce Gabbanas of life. Feminine, sexy looks are at the forefront of what they do.

An interesting fact is that the two largest fashion hubs in Brazil: Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, sit practically on opposite sides of the scale when it comes to personal style, one impeccably high end and another the epitome of effortless chic – respectively. As an avid believer in the “less is more” culture and of course a biased Rio native, I finds its “devil may care” attitude to fashion just totally irresistible.Version 2

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On a recent trip “home”, I took some time to expand on the idea to bring Rio’s incredible laissez faire to the spotlight in London, so here are some tips on where to shop when next heading to Brazil for a caipirinha or two…

And if that is not on the horizon for you, check, as they work in partnership with many Brazilian boutiques and designers to export their wares worldwide.



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