Cracked heels not invited…

Well, yes it feels like a time to celebrate…

For quite a few seasons now, I have felt left out of the “shoe porn” party on instagram as well as in real life.
Let me explain, as I grow into a more mature phase of my fashion life, I have been finding it more and more difficult to fall in love with shoes. I have in my mind been blaming designers who no longer design for the women with real buying power but to a whole new crowd, known as “millennials”. But the truth is that as the years go by, “early millennials” have grown into the buying power age bracket, they are now 30 years old, have buying power and love fashion, just not the fashion I love. So that’s naturally where fashion design is heading.

While I can most definitely appreciate the powerful message a pair of “knife” Balenciaga boots or pumps send out to the world about its wearer, I personally feel “custom party dressed” in one. Off the point here, but are the new generations of fashion lovers all tall and slim women? Surely only that could explain the new love for oversized & over exaggerated designs? because for women of an average stature it all fits very unflatteringly.
Back to the point, my grand 5′ 2″ makes it almost impossible for me to walk in “knife” shoes that narrows into its pointy territory 3 inches beyond my toes. It is fashion vs gravity!!

Then, amen – The return of the mule happened!! Utterly chic in all its hide and seek glory, show a little, hide a little…that sexy ankle hint between the hem of a cropped pair of trousers and the covered toes, that discreet message of self confidence…THAT is my kind of fashion, pieces that makes me look better and not out-proportioned. When talking mules, there is of course one single name that comes to mind, Manolo Blahnik – his legendary “Maysale” mules being the one shoe design that flatters feet of just about every shape and size – which ironically, was first designed for Marge Simpson, a character of great womanly strength and nobility, but far from a fashion icon.


While slingbacks are being hailed as the “shoes of season” by the (sponsored) magazine editors and influencers alike, I personally think the mules and their nonchalant wearability – must be they way the heels click as you walk, are immensely sexier than slingbacks that are constantly slipping off the back of your heels.

You be the judge…and please always remember that your heels need to look faultless for this look to exercise its full allure.














PS: All contents are my personal views strictly NOT SPONSORED.


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