All hail the one piece…

As a Brazilian-born, it has always been tricky to get my head around the concept of a full piece swimming costume. I mean, growing up watching women of all shapes and sizes wearing bikinis of all shapes and sizes while worshipping the sun on the white, sexy sands of Rio, does not leave space in one’s head for understanding the concept of a one piece that leaves one with all sorts of weird and wonderful tan marks.
In addition, I was convinced that “one pieces” only ever look good on taller women – a tribe that by nature I do not belong to. I have also always found that the concept of a full swimming costume better hiding our multitude of sins a flawed one. Nowadays, in the world of swimwear designing, it is generally accepted that a bikini bottom with less cloth makes a bottom look smaller and firmer than a larger one that tends to sag.
Brazilians have known that for decades, but in the UK, it was Elizabeth Hurley who when researching for her swimwear line, discovered and spread the word about the concept.

The same applies to the full piece, one big piece of lycra always seemed to make women look larger and more “block like” than two smaller pieces.
But those days are gone, in 2017 the full piece is gaining a lot of attention and with proper thought put into the designs, they have become very flattering indeed. A little side cut out here, a little piece of mesh there and voila! the one piece becomes a show piece and is no longer worn just by the more mature woman trying to hide her more mature body.

A designer getting a lot of press at the moment for the genius way in which she focuses her label entirely on the concept of creating flattering one pieces to show off, not hide your body, is Alexandra Miro. Her creations are fully fledged fashion pieces that will make anyone feel fabulous, not frumpy. Well cut, well supported in simple, classic colours and high quality fabrics – why did no one think of that before?

If it can convert a Brazilian, it must be worth a try.

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Happy summer days!!




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